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Yoga is nothing where you can make a professional teacher course and know it. It's a lifestyle study which reaches far more out than one lifetime! A deep study which requires discipline and passion.

This means not, that everybody cannot easily start to feel the mental and physical benefits which the path of Yoga brings to one, with a bit of practice already.

I am full of gratitude that the path of yoga crossed my life in 2007. First, I could not believe that it could heal my physical and emotional pain. As in early days, stretching and warming up/cooling down, was not given a lot of importance, I remember when I lay in bed for several weeks each low season between the snow and kite season with dislocated lumbar discs.














Or how I could not move my left arm correctly for two years, because I did to much-unhooked freestyle moves and never stretched. Plus, I had a very unhealthy lifestyle.

A very acidic alimentation plus no supplemental sport created a life for a 25-year-old girl which felt like one of 50. Saying that now, with 37 I feel younger than more than 10 years ago.

I healed not just the described physical pain, but also emotional ballast is leaving me and makes my lives more flexible in every angle.


I am very grateful that nowadays I can share my passion with you! Teaching and sharing knowledge on and off the mat is one of the greatest gifts life gave me. Namaste!

Yoga class for Free your Mind Yoga
BKSA Competition failed trick


2007 started Yoga in Tarifa with Iyenga Yoga by Inga Kreismeier

2008-2012 tried many Yoga centers/teachers in Berlin, Munich and Tarifa

2011 Intensive Kundalini Yoga experience in Tarifa with Iñaki Lopez

2011 Reiki Formation Level 1

2012 200hrs Hatha Teacher Training in Kerala, Neyaar Dam, Sivananda Yoga Centre

2012 Vipassana Mediation Kandy / Sri Lanka

2012 teaching Yoga in Mirissa / Sri Lanka

2014 Prenatal Yoga self practice

2016 teaching Hatha Vinyasa Flow classes in Dakhla Attitude

2016-2018 managing Yoga centre Dakhla Attitude

2019 intensive self practice of Rocket Yoga with Tiago Roche

2019 Workshop Ambra Vallo

2019 several workshops and intensive self practice with Om Shala Tarifa

2019 intensive weekend Iyenga Yoga with H.S. Arunji

2019 creation of Free your Mind Yoga

2019 daily teaching for Free your Mind Yoga in Tarifa and Morocco

2020 Access bars practitioner license

2020 more to come ;)

Yoga study in India, Sivananda Centre 2012

If you want to know where I am currently any kind of advice or take a class with me, please write me personally.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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