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Mental Coaching for Watersports Athletes


Mental coaching for watersports athletes is not just a trend; it's a crucial element in unlocking their full potential.


By strengthening their mental resilience, focus, and self-confidence, athletes can navigate the challenges of watersports with grace and prowess.


As watersports continue to evolve as competitive fields, the partnership between physical training and mental coaching becomes increasingly indispensable for those aiming to be the best in the world.

What is this mental coaching for watersport athletes? 


How do I Work



Body Mind connection

Body-Mind connection is still underestimated in our society. I work on mental health of the athlete, so they be able to get into Flow states and peak performances out of their real potential.

I work online & offline with the client and the intensity is based in their needs.

I use tools like:




Nervous system regulation

Human design

and many more


One-to-One sessions 

As each client needs a very personal approach, I am specialised in one-to-one sessions which create a confidential space with the athlete.

My aim is to give this space, to be able to work on best results.


Mental health

In my opinion, without mental health, peak performance is not possible.

That's why my first focus lies in mental health and looking at the athlete as a individual with its unique character and qualities. Once they are understood and integrated, we build on them, focus orientate tools, to be able to always be in best state.

Watersports athletes who incorporate mental coaching into their training routines, experience remarkable improvements in their performance.


The body - mind connection is still underestimated but one of the most important facts to involve in peak performance training


Jenny , CEO and kitesurfer

Tanja helped me, to get over my fears in kiteboarding and how I can reach my next level. I am so thankful, as it does also help me in other areas of my life.

Veronica - Kitesurfing

Through Human design, breath work, and meditation techniquesDesign , Tanja taught me how to get into my personal flow state, it's so great to be able to be more productive when I want.

Lynn - Surfing

Tanja´s patience and love for watersports helped me to overcome my deepest shadows.

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